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Esteemed guests,


Esteemed fellow townspeople,


We are honored to invite you to the 1st International Kurşunlu History Congress that we will hold at İvedik Teknopak Ankara Congress Center on 25-26th December 2021, Ankara.


In this event that we will organize in collaboration with Kurşunlu District Governorate, Kurşunlu Municipality, and Association of Disaster Research, we will address the historical, geographical, humanitarian, and cultural values ​​of our Kurşunlu area, with their scientific dimension.


Kurşunlu area is the most important geostrategic zone of Northern Anatolia. It has been a geographical corridor opening from the Black Sea to Central Anatolia at all times in history. Its location is on the transportation line connecting the eastern and western civilizations. Kurşunlu that has brought together the east and the west, as well as the north and the south of ancient Anatolia for five thousand years, has been a critical settlement focus that the Hittites, Phrygians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Ottomans, and our Republic have always attached importance throughout history due to the said geostrategic location.


We will have the chance to listen directly to the findings, discoveries, and respective scientific facts of foreign scientists who have conducted archaeological research regarding the Kurşunlu area for many years.


We will watch the presentations of the academicians from our country's academic community who carry out studies with the focus on Çankırı and Kurşunlu and our local history researchers who have dedicated themselves to the historical research of the Kurşunlu area. 


Our congress, in which historical findings regarding Kurşunlu that have never been known so far will be presented, will be a platform of a high dynamic and scientific level for you, our valuable participants.


With the 1st International Kurşunlu History Congress that we will hold exclusively for Kurşunlu, we would like to convey our local history to our future in the form of a seamless whole and of sources that are both verbal and written.


With its high archaeological potential that it harbors, Kurşunlu will attract the attention of people, institutions, and organizations in respect of the world’s cultural heritage following our congress.


We request your contribution and support for the announcement of our congress that we believe will give birth to developments that will contribute significantly to our area in the sense of culture and tourism economy.


This history is the history of all of us...


We will be very content and honored with your participation in our congress.


Stay healthy...

bayramören kaymakam.jpg

İlyas Öztürk

District Governor

Kurşunlu Municipality

Şakir Kaymak.jpeg
Adobe Scan 25 Eki 2021.png

Dt. Şakir Kaymak


Kurşunlu District Governorate

Mehmet Eryılmaz_edited.jpg

Prof. Dr. Mehmet Eryılmaz, MD 

President of Congress


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